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ici: http://www.bbspot.com/News/2003/08/open_source_virus.html
(Source: Zeliste, of ZeWoc)

Quelques extraits:

Helsinki, Finland - Open source developers plan to challenge Microsoft's dominance in the world of viruses by developing their own through the Open Virus Project (OVP), and unlike proprietary Microsoft viruses, the open source versions will infect across all platforms.
Heading the development of the OVP is Jukka Koskelin. He explained, "We took a look at the virus marketspace and realized that Microsoft has over a 95% share of all viruses developed. I don't think the Linux community can be taken seriously if we don't increase our share in that area."
Virus attachments will arrive in .tar.gz attachments and will be automake-compatible. Both eyespy and GPLdaemon wil arrive as a .tar.gz attachment, which the user will have to compile and execute to be infected. The viruses can use any e-mail program to propagate, and do not require Outlook or Outlook Express.
"With the cross platform viruses I'm working on, I'm really giving the users a lot of options. They can set the amount of e-mails that it sends out, whether to infect other computers in the same domain and all sorts of other tweaks."
The Justice Department has started investigations into the virus monopoly by Microsoft.

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la fin du rêve ces mecs sont de dangereux maniaques ;-)
moi qui pensait avoir la paix niveau virus... et oui, je bosse sur mac depuis 1990 et pas la moindre attaque virale...

Écrit par : chewie | 03/09/2003

t'as peut-être pas bien lu l'article ... ... c'est de l'humour :-))

ils parlent de n'envoyer que les sources par mail ... quand tu reçois le virus, tu dois recompiler le virus pour qu'il t'infectes ...
C'est le retour du virus wallon :-)

Écrit par : jimich | 03/09/2003

suis sûr... ... que dans sa (vieille) version Unix IE compile automatiquement les tar.gz downloadé ;)

Écrit par : Choc' | 03/09/2003

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